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Better Brookfield Gutters (BBG) is located in Brookfield Wisconsin and provides professional gutter services for residents and businesses in Waukesha County. Our services include gutter cleaning, repair and installation and gutter guard protection for homes.

BBG is proud to offer exceptional service and results at an affordable price. We provide a FREE online estimate for customers or can schedule an on-site evaluation at a later date.

We want our customers to be 100% comfortable with their decision to hire BBG and entrust us with their gutter needs. Because of this, we include a satisfaction guarantee with all appointments and a 1-year warranty on all parts and labor.

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People install gutters to help trap rainwater and take the water to various designated funnels. However, many people don’t think about cleaning these gutters. The work ends after installing them which shouldn’t be the case.

If you don’t clean your gutters, they will became clogged and even damaged and so they won’t do the work you intended them to do. You will then be left with a lot of damage to repair in your home. When you clean your gutters, you will enjoy the following benefits.


Rainwater normally falls on the roof. If your gutter is clean then the water flows into the gutter and then to storage places. A clogged gutter does not allow water to flow through it. Therefore, the water forms a pool in the gutters which then extends to the base of the roof. The roof is not meant to accumulate water and so it will crack and its shingles will be damaged. When the roof cracks, the ceiling will start to leak in various parts of your home. The only way to fix the damage will be to install new ceilings and floors. Cleaning your gutters can prevent all this mess.


www.familyhandyman.com explains how cleaning your gutters is a way of protecting your basement from water damage. When your gutter is clogged, rainwater will flow from the roof to the base of the house and then into your basement. A damp basement is a breeding place for mold and mildew. Water will make the paint to chip and will also damage any items you may be keeping in the basement.


We know how vital the foundation of a home is because it provides stability to a building. The foundation should not be exposed to a lot of water and this is what happens when the gutters are clogged. The foundation becomes unstable which makes your life unsafe to live in unless you repair the foundation. If you were thinking of selling your home in the future then you know you cannot do that with an unstable foundation. Your home will have to be inspected and you won’t be given permission to sell it before you fix the issue with the foundation.


Pests thrive in stagnant water. The pool of water in your gutter will attract mosquitoes, termites and various pests. The pests can make their home in your gutter and if you don’t eradicate them then they will get into your home. If you don’t clean your gutters then you will not notice the pests in them until they move into your home and by this time, you’ll be dealing with a full infestation.
Improves your home’s curb appeal

Your gutters are installed on the exterior of your home and they can either make your home attractive or unattractive. A dirty gutter leads to a build-up of debris both inside the gutter which then falls to the base of your house. Rainwater then damages the roof and the shingles and removes the paint, making the roof look unattractive. Regularly cleaning your gutters will ensure that your roof, basement and foundation are in good condition which will make your home more beautiful.


If you don’t take care of your gutters by cleaning them then they will be damaged. A clogged gutter has lots of material in it and examples include leaves and debris. These substances often corrode aluminum gutters. This means that you will spend money buying another gutter sooner than if you had cleaned the gutter.

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If you would like to enjoy the benefits of having clean gutters then you need to take the step towards ensuring that your gutters are clean. You can achieve this through cleaning the gutters yourself or having a professional gutter cleaning company do that.

It is easier to clean your gutters yourself if you are living in a single-story house because the gutters are not too high to reach. If you only have two trees or less around your roof then you won’t a problem accessing the gutters.

The case is different if you are in a two-story house or if your home is surrounded by lots of trees. Calling a professional gutter cleaning service is the best thing to do here. Cleaning your gutters means climbing a ladder to reach those gutters. People have serious injuries on ladders every day. Therefore, call a professional if you feel uncomfortable on a ladder. There is also a possibility of damaging your home as you fumble up there trying to figure out how to clean a gutter.

The price we charge for cleaning your gutters is less than what you would pay for treatment if you got injured or for significant home repair if you damaged your home in the process of cleaning the gutters. There is a third option regarding gutter cleaning and that is installing gutter guards.

We don’t charge for estimates. Contact us at 262-525-0824 and we’ll give you an estimate.


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“BBG is a great, local company! We hired them last week for gutter cleaning and the entire experience was excellent. Their crew was friendly and professional and prompt too! I highly recommend BBG for your home.”Tracy P.

“I called for an estimate from BBG and was pleasantly surprised by the affordable cost of their gutter cleaning service. The service was great too! I am now considering gutter guards for our Brookfield home and I will call BBG to install them if we decide to add them to our gutters.”Peter T.

“Better Brookfield Gutters removed corroded shingles and other debris from our gutters that was creating clogs and overflow. Everything is draining great now just in time for autumn in Brookfield!”Julie W.